Ideh pardazan vatan company was founded in 2011 with very little capital and started working in the field of designing and manufacturing of special industrial machinery relying on the high engineering knowledge and industrial experiences of its key talented engineers. Currently, the company has succeeded in equipping its factory with a suitable platform for its activities and projects.

We are specialized in design and fabrication of automated industrial machinery and production lines. We are an ideal partner for the construction of custom machines and have proven our skills in numerous projects.

The company cooperates constantly in its different projects with some of the best specialists, faculty members from reputable universities and well-known faces of the industry in Iran. We have specialized teams in hydraulic and pneumatic, industrial control, Mechanical design, quality control, and metallurgy. Thanks to these expert teams, we could fulfill many projects in different industries such as packaging, carpet, oil and gas, machine tools and metal forming

With regard to the country’s mineral needs, the company has recently been pursuing the construction of vital equipment for the industry, such as ball mills. Our expertise in machine building and our best capital which is our know-hows helps us to be able to manufacture a variety range of advanced machines for different industries. .

Our main mission

Fulfilling the needs of the country in the development of advanced machinery, especially machine tools and metal forming machines, the production of precision and high technology components

Our vision

To become a well-known brand in designing and manufacturing advanced industrial machinery and equipment and production lines
To become an advanced specialized metal forming cente

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Ongoing projects