Flowform application in oil and gas industries

Flowform application in oil and gas industries

The oil and gas industry is an ideal industry for the flowforming process because many of the components used in this industry are tubular and cylindrical.


Downhole, hydraulic and chemical injection control lines

Pressure housing for MWD/LWD tools

Hydraulic tubing for control measuring devices and pumps

Autoclave and high pressure application

control and injection line tubing for subsea equipment

One of the applications of Flowform is the production of the following equipment and components:

Lunching flowforming machines such as ST 650 H 9100 4RS by leifeld Co. has entered the production of oil and gas pipes into a new phase. this company is prepared now to manufacture of seamless casing and tubing pipes by its unique advanced flowforming machine which has similar specification to the leifeld machine. We are proud of providing services to the oil and gas industry by manufacturing their demands for all kind of seamless pipes

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