Design and fabrication of industrial machinery

Design and fabrication of industrial machinery

The main activity of Ideh Pardazan Vatan Co. is to design and fabricate of advanced machinery for different industries. Our power engineering group consists of four units of mechatronics, hydraulic and pneumatics, metallurgy, and mechanical design. In Each unit, well-educated and experienced engineers which are well-known in their fields help us in the design of advanced and complicated machinery.

Some of our projects:

• Design and manufacture of flowforming and spinning machines.

• Design and manufacture of six color printing machines for textile and plastic products with the following specs:

Rollers dimensions: width 2.2mm, diameter 1.5 m and the speed of 60 m/min,

Machine dimension: height 6m, length 15m, width 3m.

• Design and fabrication of an automated shrink-fit machine for an assembly line of some tubular and cylindrical parts.

• Design and construction of single and double tuning machines to polish and shorten the thickness of the carpet by a 6-meter-long milling blade and automatic blade sharpening system, the dimensions of the device are 5x9x14 m

• Design and fabrication of CNC filament winding machines.

(5 axis with two spindles for the construction of circular composite components (height 1.8m, length 3.4m, width 1m, simultaneous production of two pieces, the maximum length of workpiece up to 3 m)

• Design and manufacture of a pilger milling machine

Specifications: height 1.5m, length 15m, width 4m. Input pipe size 20 to 65 mm, Input thickness up to 10 mm. 150kW main power, roller force up to 1000 kW.