Metal spining services (spining, shearforming, flowforming)

Metal spining services (spining, shearforming, flowforming)

Metal spining forming

The main product of Ideh Pardazan Vatan Co. is metal spining machines. Having spining, shearforming and flowforming machines enable us to service a broad range of industries. Our other manufacturing equipment and ficilities besides one of the largest and advanced CNC flowforming machines that is designed and fabricated in-house, power us in manufacturing A to Z a wide range of flowfrormed products.We are capable of the batch production of seamless tubular, cylindrical, conical, parabolic and similar parts. The manufacturing range of our metal spinning machineries is up to 2050 mm in diameter, and 6000 mm in length in forward and 120000 mm in backward flowforming.


Introduction to flowforming process

The process of flowforming is a very useful and highly efficient method for the production of high-strength thin wall seamless cylindrical parts, which was established in the 1960s. In this method, the preformed workpiece (raw material), which is usually a hollow cylinder or cup, is mounted on the mandrel. Then the thickness is reduced by several rollers due to the rotation and axial movement of the rollers. During this process due to cold work, mechanical properties are improved. In many cases, the heat treatment required is also eliminated. There are two types of flow forming process; Reverse or backward Flowforming, and direct or forward flowforming.

Backward flowforming

In this method, the material flow is in the reverse direction of the axial movement of the rollers and the path of the rollers is equal to the length of the preformed part.

Metal spining services (spining, shearforming, flowforming)