Swaging forge machines

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Swaging forge machines

Ideh Pardazan Vatan Co. produces two standard models Swaging forge machines

SWG 125 (Reciprocating mechanism of dies is provided by the crank and gear system)

SWR 125 (Reciprocating mechanism of dies is provided by the rotary system)

Orders for custom machines to fulfill all customer requirements are also accepted. All types of machines are available in two types: Manual and CNC. In the CNC model, it is possible to form different geometries and diameters on products (tubes and rods).

Introduction to swaging forge machine

Swaging is usually a cold working process, used to reduce the diameter, produce a taper, or add a point to a round workpiece. It can also impart internal shapes in hollow workpieces through the use of a mandrel (the shape must have a constant cross-section). A swaging machine works by using two or four split dies which separate and close up to 2000 times a minute. This method is somehow in the category of forging process. Due to the intense cold work done on the workpiece, its strength is increased and the mechanical property is improved.

There are different mechanisms for providing oscillatory dies movements. Among them, two common types are:

*- crank and gear system for reciprocating dies movement:

The reciprocating power transmission of this machine is provided by a crank system for each hammer separately. A gear system is used to synchronize the simultaneous movement of four hammers.

The advantages of this system are less production time and cost of maintenance, the ease and simplicity of the hammer and device settings.

*- Rotary spindle for reciprocating dies movement:

. This movement is achieved by mounting the dies into the machine’s spindle which is rotated by a motor. The spindle is mounted inside a cage containing rollers (looks like a roller bearing). The rollers are larger than the cage so as the spindle spins the dies are pushed out to ride on the cage by centrifugal force, as the dies cross over the rollers they push the dies together because of their larger size.

Swaging forge machines :

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